The Vow

      So the other day while I was at work I came to realize that this life wasn't meant for me! I wasn't meant to work for someone, I wasn't meant  to do the basic 9-5 job for the rest of my life. I know you are probably thinking Tee Jay everyone says that!!! "What makes me different?" I felt this in my gut and my heart. When you feel things in your gut or your heart, you have to follow it... Let me take you back to my last week to explain.

       Last week I started to really get frustrated with my job and by this I'm talking about the normal "I hate my job, but I'm still going to show up to make this money" type of deal. Yea I may not agree with the way my boss does things, like how she talks to and treats people at times. Over the course of that week I would begin to see things I would call a sign from God saying hey its time to follow what you were placed here for. I started to see more inspirational post on my Facebook timeline which by the way never happens!!! One of the post that stood out most was one of Steve Harvey telling his audience behind the scenes, hey if you don't like your job and you wake up every morning to go there and your not happy, you should quit! It all seemed so simple, quit! God did not put us on this earth to be sad and miserable he truly wants us to be happy beings.

        But as anyone would say "its just an inspirational video for anyone Tee, what made you realize it was a sign for you?" Well throughout the rest of that week I would go on to see more signs on my Facebook timeline from people posting videos about how we shouldn't hate Mondays anymore to status from family about people never getting to live their true purpose.  A few days go by and I still feel like I hate showing up to this place everyday with every bone in me, just to make ends meet. I walked into my job thinking how much I didn't want to be here at that time and this shirt that wasn't there the day before stood out to me and I normally don't pay too close attention to the shirts at my store especially one in girls section on top of that. Now your probably thinking Tee that shirt was going to be there no matter what its part of your stores marketing, but the night before and many other night throughout the week I had prayed that God show me a sign that music is my calling, its what I'm meant to do. So back to where I was, I walked into my store and I actually clocked in and all that blah, blah, blah talk to my boss before she left for the day and I was standing behind the counter and this shirt in a section of the store called Live Love Dream, read "follow your heart".  

        Instantly I knew If that wasn't a sign from the man above than I don't know what is. That whole week I hated showing up to that place just the thought of it made me feel eww, and I never felt more passionate about disliking work. Others times I would dislike it then come to conclusion that this might be the rest of my life and try to actually get a love for it. I have been there for a year and my thoughts of wanting to quit to pursue my dreams started at 6 months. I believe that if it lasted this long and I tried my best that I shouldn't stay somewhere I am not happy or feel unvalued. So from this day forward I Terrence Walters-Mack, vow to take more steps towards my goals and less towards dead end roads. I will try my best to document as much of my journey as possible and I hope you can support and learn from me in this journey we call life....



Tee Jay

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